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ECommerce Solutions.


The ECommerce side of Rocketing Media is one that is close to our hearts. From the start, we knew that the team behind Rocketing all had a common interest in and passion for entrepreneurship. We also knew that despite most of us just being in college, combined we boasted an impressive amount of experience and skills in various areas of business, especially marketing. As we began consulting work for digital marketing, one day we had someone ask us to help them with ecommerce. With zero ecommerce experience, we figured, 

“how can we help someone with this if we've never even done it ourselves?” So for the first time, and what we thought was the only time, we decided to build and scale our own store as a learning experience so that we could better serve our clients. That was the start of our venture into the world of ecom.


With this first store, we did anything we possibly could to gain knowledge and figure out the best place to start for our little "experiment". We researched, Googled and YouTubed for weeks, and found plenty of tips for all the basics and the framework for getting started. We took those into account and launched the store, but from there, it was "now what?" We quickly realized through our research that no matter how many people we came across that claimed to be "ecom experts" or "Shopify kings", none of the content they offered to people asking for help brought any real value. We bought courses, read blogs, watched videos, and everyone pretty much said the same thing: an empty shell of general tips, like "run ads", "find your niche", and "have a professional site". We were always left thinking... where are the specifics- the step by step processes? Where are the tips that are really going to help someone with little to no experience be successful and scale their businesses after setup?


With no luck finding real help, we just decided to jump in and try a bunch of different strategies- trial and error. Within our first 5 months in the market, we made our first $250,000 in sales. We were shocked; our little experiment had become a full-fledged business right before our eyes. Our strategies worked. We cracked the code- and then we felt confident that we had the skills and ability to help our clients crack the code too.


From there, a new beginning was born: the ECommerce Solutions side of Rocketing Media. With this, we help people find success with their online stores. We talk to clients on the daily, and have found a new passion in helping ordinary people like us become self-starters. We have helped clients both grow established businesses and start entirely new ones- from start to finish- including building Shopify stores and mobile apps, optimizing conversions and store traffic, finding innovative ways to automate customer service and marketing tactics, building and maintaining relationships with customers (CRM), and more. We’ll even work day by day with you in a consulting-style relationship. 



CRM Strategy

Mobile App Development

Conversion Optimization

Online Storefront Design & Development

Marketing & Customer Service Automation

E-Commerce Consulting

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