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Rocketing’s creative, planning & production teams work together to develop integrated marketing and advertising campaigns that are, of course, digital-first, but also fluid and flexible based on the channel, the audience, and more. Whether your goal is to increase sales, gain followers/engagement, or direct website traffic, we have you covered. 


We have a solid history of developing ad sets and campaigns that increase conversion rates by over 3%, social engagement by over 5%, organic online followers by over 90k, website visitors by over 10k per week, and more. We also report all of these metrics to each of our clients, and are willing to work with you to find out where needs to be improved, and plan actionable steps from there.


We approach all ad services from a user-centric view. We look at how your target audience will navigate solving your problem throughout the whole customer journey, and find out the best and most effective channels for reaching that audience and meeting their expectations and desires. Then we create the front-end of the plan (the visual and written content), that is best optimized for the backend of the plan (the segmenting, targeting, channel choice, etc.).  


Not only will we help walk you through your best options for advertising online, but we will even take all the work out of your hands and do it for you through our social & online ad management service— our most popular service for businesses. We specialize in Facebook and Instagram ads, but offer many other options as well, including email marketing, and will work closely with you to customize and personalize your experience as a client.


Social & Online Advertising Management

Advertisement Consulting

Ad Copywriting

Visual Ad Content Creation

Optimization & Metrics Reporting

Email Marketing

Interested in hearing more about how these services can help YOUR unique brand?

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